Our Approach to Movement

We aspire to create a movement world that is based less in ego, vanity, and burnout, and more in presence, awareness, and joy. We prioritize sensation, connection, and embodiment when working individually and in group classes. Whether you’re rehabbing your back or looking for a safe and calm environment to practice in, we believe a movement practice that centers the focus on you and how you feel allows you to experience greater healing and strength.

In a time when the movement world is more about faster, harder, and more, we are proud to work toward a future where education, alignment, and therapeutic practices are highly-valued parts of how you take care of your body.

How we’re making movement
more accessible

Movement Care Collective

Due to income gaps in this country, the power of healing through breath and embodiment is inaccessible to far too many. In 2019, we set our sights on finding a way for our work to reach a broader demographic of people. We combined this mission with our deeply-rooted passion for helping all women feel safe in their bodies. Through grants awarded by a generous private foundation, we collaborate with local rehabilitation centers and service-based nonprofits to pair women from underserved communities with a Pilates Done Differently staff member.

Together, with their PDD trainer and referring professional, the women we serve are able to work at the studio on a regular basis, move towards their body-based goals, and have their sessions covered in full. We are working towards non-profit status for this program so that we can grow our impact and increase accessibility across the Bay Area mindful movement industry.

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