Our Vision

We aspire to create a movement world that is based less in ego, vanity, and burnout, and more in presence, awareness, and joy. We are working toward a future where education, alignment, and correct body mechanics are highly-valued parts of any movement-based goal. And we think true healing and strength is built from a commitment to details, subtlety, and a deep connection to our bodies.

Our Team

We’re hands on, serious about alignment, and take a very unique approach to moving.

We’re committed to building the intersection between healing and strength
because we know you don’t have to choose between the two.

We prioritize subtlety and sensation so you can build the
strongest and deepest relationship with your body.

We trust in the science of body mechanics, because every day we watch realignment build strength, alleviate pain, and help each of our unique bodies move with power and ease.

We are proud to have a reputation for crafting unique exercise programs
that meet the diverse needs of all bodies.

We are passionate about our work and constantly learning,
and we think forever students make the best teachers.

We care deeply about our community and creating a safe and joy-filled space.

We strive to educate and empower our clients so that they can heal,
grow, and thrive in their unique bodies.

We think your success is our success, and we can’t wait to move with you.

About The Owner

Caitlin Kolb is the founder and owner of Pilates Done Differently, a boutique movement studio in San Francisco. She specializes in post-rehab care and is known citywide for her unique approach to Pilates and the results she can achieve. Kolb is an educator–invested in teaching practitioners and her students–because she believes the more we understand our bodies, the more empowered and happy we can be.

Driven by her passion to help people feel good in their bodies and more fulfilled in their lives, her teaching is trauma-informed, comforting, and revolutionary. With more patience, care, and generosity, she knows Pilates can be much more than what most teachers use it for.

Her power to read bodies and artfully move her clients through pain-free sequencing comes from years as a professional dancer with Robert Moses’ Kin; her close mentorship with physical therapist and Stott Pilates Lead Instructor Trainer, Melissa Condron; her education as a fitness trainer; 13 years of teaching; and a lifetime of being obsessed with learning and moving.

In 2016, she opened Pilates Done Differently to create a space where people can move, feel safe, be held, and free themselves from distractions and the pressures of performance. With six teachers who embody her same ethos for excellence and care, the space is one of San Francisco’s best homes for healing.

Location & Contact

Pilates Done Differently

3354 20th St. (at Shotwell),
San Francisco, CA



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