Islay Dillon-Ogden

Islay Dillon-Ogden is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor and holds a BA in Dance from California State University, Long Beach.

Born and raised in Northern California, Islay discovered that Pilates was one of the only forms of therapy to alleviate the pain from her chronic dance injuries. This inevitably inspired her to pursue a career as a Pilates instructor so that she could share its transformative benefits with others.

As a Pilates instructor, Islay takes a hands on approach and adapts each session to the client’s individual needs. She has a focused and educated eye that allows her to see the body as a whole and to also zoom in and separate individual movements and patterns that are preventing the client from full body movement . This holistic yet specific approach plays a guiding role in much of the structure of Islay’s teaching, leading her to find balance between the importance of building strength and finding release.

Islay is confident working with clients with a diverse range of needs and goals. Throughout her career she has made an effort to seek out continuing education that furthers her knowledge of therapeutic Pilates. Some of these studies include specialties in the neck and shoulder girdle as well as a focus on knee and hip functionality. Islay is experienced in working with women during and post pregnancy. She has helped many clients grow through injuries and chronic pain and is always willing to approach a new challenge. Islay’s first priority is and always will be the comfort and progression of her clients.

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