Tingzin Ellis

For the past 25 years Pilates has been a constant practice in Tingzin’s life, helping her to relieve anxiety and heal from 2 spinal injuries and a TBI. Her first breakthrough was understanding how to breathe correctly. Learning this skill liberated her from her patterns of pain. This is just one of the many insights that informs her work with clients, helping to empower them through discussion, collaboration, and practice. She finds joy in holding space for her clients to explore and become more present and connected to their bodies. Understanding the human body is a curiosity that drives her endless study of anatomy, biomechanics and neuromechanics.

Tingzin was certified in the Pilates Method through Balanced Body University in 2008 and completed her CoreAlign training in 2019. She has special training in the field of Foot and Gait Therapy and with working with the older adult population.

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