I had been coming to Pilates Done Differently for several months to work with Islay, when I herniated a disk painting a fence one weekend. I could barely walk or move the sciatic nerve pain was so bad. I was so happy I already had an appointment on the books with her to start working on it. I brought my MRI and the doctor’s report and Islay started in a gentle way to ask all the right questions. Islay is knowledgeable, patient, and a great listener. It’s 2 weeks and 6 appointments after the injury and I almost have full range of motion, and list of things I should and should not do when I am at home.

Long story short, I came in for some super glamour Pilates abs and ended up with a much greater understanding of my body, how it works, and how to use it. It’s crazy that I am a 39 year old man who just found a world of muscles I didn’t even know I had. Thanks Islay and Pilates Done Differently, you are never getting rid of me!

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