Laura F.

Caitlin Kolb has changed my life and the health of my body (this is not an exaggeration). After years of pain and frustration due to scoliosis, I found Caitlin through a referral from my physical therapist. The best advice I’ve ever received! Over the last 5-6 years, my core strength has increased drastically and I understand how to better work in order to avoid injury. When my back does get aggravated due to my physical work, I leave my hour-long session with Caitlin feeling drastically improved and regenerated. I am constantly amazed by her expertise and the benefits I receive from working with her, both physically and mentally.

Caitlin’s knowledge of the body through her years of studying/practicing pilates, years of instruction, and her career as a dancer, is priceless. Caitlin’s thoughtful care for her students is evidenced by her keen ability to gauge what is going on in their bodies. Her listening and observational skills are exceptional.

Pilates Done Differently is a quiet and beautifully appointed space with a small number of teachers/students at any one time. The other teachers, Katherine and Lauren, have always been very warm and inviting towards me as well. They work very closely with Caitlin to create a safe, low-key, and productive environment. Pilates Done Differently’s location is great and parking is always easy unlike many other areas in the city.

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