Nancy E.

Caitlin Kolb is exceptional. You couldn’t do better for a Pilates instructor. And, after working with her for over four years, I can assure you she is a conscientious, smart, caring and quick-witted individual. I credit her astute teachings with allowing me to pursue the activities I love, including running, after a significant back injury. Caitlin’s technique includes not just physical instruction, but the (nearly uncanny) ability to read one’s motivation, bodily awareness, and (potential) pain level. She uses metaphors to help an untrained individual, such as myself, understand how to move one’s body. Her background in dance and sense of humor help, too. If you aren’t convinced that she can help strengthen you, or rehabilitate you after an injury, then perhaps this will help: My husband’s ex-wife asked where I got my great tush. Before I said something haughty, such as, “I was born with it!”, my husband answered for me, “Pilates. Caitlin.”

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