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In the fall of 2014, Caitlin Kolb and Leigh Ferrara co-founded “The New R&R.” This brand of workshops and retreats combines their unique approaches to yoga and Pilates to help you reset your nervous system and repattern your body. Each class is a carefully crafted movement experience built to help you deepen the conversation between your mind and body and start reconditioning the physical and emotional patterns that no longer serve you. It will aid your healing, improve your fitness, and empower your every day.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information or for the schedule of our upcoming events.

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I think you two are magic—your energy, your expertise, your adjustments, your generosity. The results! I want to figure out a way to work with you more!!

I felt totally comfortable in my own skin. I feel that my mind, body and emotional state were integrated and moved in a synchronized manner, all circuits were talking to each other, lol! I felt more self contained and confident, less anxious, more able to sit still and feel subtle sensation.

The class was amazing.

You two have something super powerful.

I was so impressed by how seamless you and Leigh were together. It was clear that you put in so much work and are clearly very much on the same page in terms of how to approach the body. I’m glad you found each other!

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