By taking a slow, subtle, and efficient approach with both our post-rehab clients and those who depend on us for a tailored and detailed movement practice, we center our work on you. At Pilates Done Differently™, we see every day how movement that prioritizes sensation and embodiment enables people to heal faster and work toward greater strength and alignment.

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Virtual Group Class

Join us for this intimate alignment-based class. Limited to 8 students, we use all the props and none of the traditional Pilates choreography to build strength and connection to our bodies. All group classes are currently being held via Zoom.  If you’re a new student, please contact us for more info before booking.

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Sign up to receive a private session designed specifically for you and your unique body and goals.  We take a detailed approach grounded in breath, sensation, and science, and pride ourselves on serving you with generous attention wherever you are in your movement journey.

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Making movement more
accessible for everyone.

Income is a primary barrier to accessing healing modalities. To change this paradigm, we created an outreach program in 2019. Through grant funding, we collaborate with local rehabilitation centers and service-based nonprofits to pair women from underserved communities with a Pilates Done Differently staff member.

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