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Pilates Done Differently was born out of the desire to serve our community and create a space where like-minded movers and healers could collaborate. It’s a boutique-style movement studio on a sunny corner in the Mission, and all the practitioners, who call it home, work hard to help you build a deeper understanding and awareness of your body. Whether you need to stabilize and strengthen with Pilates; relax and unwind with yoga; or find something in between, we are confident that there is a movement modality here for you.

We exercise. And we build strength. But in an age where fitness is primarily about working loudly, quickly, and to many extremes, we find the importance in a slow, subtle approach based in alignment and efficiency. By working in this way, we not only provide a unique and challenging movement experience, we help you build a new relationship with your body–one that allows you to be your most grounded and powerful self every day.

Our studio stands strongly behind the meaning of the number 20. It symbolizes our shared passion for being of service to others; support and compassion are the foundation for the strong relationships we build with our clients and each other. Read more »

I completely trust Caitlin as an expert guiding me to work through my weaknesses and build upon my strengths.

Maha M.

Pilates Instructors

Caitlin Kolb, Owner

Caitlin holds her Pilates certification from Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI) and is a NASM certified personal trainer. She has been teaching all around San Francisco for the last 10 years and is extremely grateful for her last long teaching residency at Pilates on Page in Hayes Valley. Caitlin’s thriving business has grown solely from word of mouth referrals from her close collaborations with many San Francisco physical therapists and movement professionals. It was working with this inspiring post-rehabilitation community that led her to opening Pilates Done Differently in January of 2016.

Originally from New York, Caitlin relocated to the Bay Area after graduating from Goucher College in Maryland. Shortly after her move, she began her professional dance career with Robert Moses’ Kin and other local contemporary choreographers. Caitlin performed, toured, and taught as an active part of this dance community, but after her sixth year, she ultimately found that her passion was in the Pilates studio with her clients.

Caitlin is committed to constant personal and professional development and is so thankful for all that she learns from her fellow Pilates Done Differently collaborators, her favorite local personal trainers, and her genius, “secret weapon” of a mentor, Melissa Condron. She loves working with brand new movers and skilled athletes alike, and is known for her enthusiastic yet nurturing demeanor, her passion for anatomy and biomechanics, her intuitive approach to programming, and her tactile and sometimes silly verbal cues. More about Caitlin »

Islay Dillon-Ogden

Islay Dillon-Ogden is a Level 1 STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor and holds a BA in Dance from California State University, Long Beach.

Islay has been a dancer most of her life, but as a teenager she suffered a knee injury caused by poor alignment. She was introduced to Pilates in high school, and began to explore the practice more in depth while in college. By providing the body awareness and proper mechanics needed, Pilates proved to be one of the only forms of therapy to offer relief from her enduring injuries. Witnessing similar experiences in her dance students and colleagues, Islay was inspired to to pursue a career as a Pilates instructor so that she could share these benefits with others.

As an instructor, Islay takes a personalized, hands on approach with each client. Her focused eye and outgoing personality help to create a nurturing and motivating environment.

Tingzin Ellis

Tingzin has been practicing Pilates for 23 years and it continues to be a transformative force in her life. In 2008 she earned her comprehensive Balanced Body University Certification, joined the instructor team at Spring Pilates & Yoga and has been teaching Pilates in San Francisco ever since.

Creating an environment for her clients that promotes and enhances health and wellness is one of many values Tingzin shares with the Pilates Done Differently team. She also brings a sense of enjoyment and humor to the work, which has always been there for her. She has special training and experience with pre and post natal, senior populations and clients with injuries or physical limitations. She designs each class and individual session for her clients with the intention to motivate, inspire and educate them towards better movement.

For the last decade Tingzin has worked with and been influenced by many Pilates and movement specialists. She attained her Pilates certification and completed her Movement Medicine training under the tutelage of Nora St. John at Turning Point Studios. Her education continued with trainings by Karen Clippinger, Erik Franklin, Marie-Jose Blom, Lolita San Miguel and Lizz Roman. Currently she is studying the Janda assessment and rehabilitation techniques and has completed her CoreAlign training at EHS with Nancy Myers.

Tingzin’s college background is in art and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY. As a youth, she practiced dance, dressage and found her niche in figure skating.

Lee Sahlaney

Lee’s passion for Pilates and movement-based therapy began while she was addressing a long-term foot injury. This process was so transformational, that she was inspired to share this work with others. Her injury has given Lee an understanding, empathy, and passion that she shares with her clients. Whether it’s helping to address acute or chronic pain, or guiding someone through a challenging fitness session, Lee loves helping people make the mind-body connection to feeling better and moving better.

Lee completed her Pilates comprehensive teacher training through Balanced Body, and is a certified MELT Method (myofascial release) instructor. She is also a Certified Medical Reiki Master Practitioner, specializing in women’s health. Lee is currently continuing her movement-based education in the Foot & Gait Therapy Program led by Nancy Myers.

When she’s not in the studio, Lee engages her background in project management consulting by working with organizations and causes that align with her passions. She also loves hiking with her Australian Kelpie dogs, being a taste-taster for her husband’s latest recipes, traveling, and relaxing with a good book.

I came in for some super glamour Pilates abs and ended up with a much greater understanding of my body, how it works, and how to use it. It’s crazy that I am a 39 year old man who just found a world of muscles I didn’t even know I had. Thanks Islay and Pilates Done Differently, you are never getting rid of me!



Private sessions with Caitlin

Please note these are longer 60 minute sessions.

$135 for singles
$665 for 5-packs
$1300 for 10-packs

Mat class with Props

with Caitlin

$35 for a single class
$165 for 5-packs
$300 for 10 packs

Private sessions

with Islay or Tingzin

$105 singles
$515 for 5-packs
$1000 for 10-packs

Private sessions with Lee

(limited time pricing!)

$95 singles
$465 for 5-packs
$900 for 10-packs

Duet sessions

with a team member

$75 single session duet
$365 for 5-packs
$700 for 10-packs

Trio sessions

with a team member

$60 for single session trio
$290 for 5-packs
$550 for 10-packs

All sessions are 55 minutes in length and are non-refundable/non-transferable. We ask that you give at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations to avoid being charged for the full session.

Since working with Lauren I feel stronger, more resilient… and more prepared to care for myself and maintain my mobility. I’ve learned to recruit muscles I never felt I had before to do tasks now with greater efficiency, no pain, and improved posture.


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Pilates Done Differently

3354 20th St. (at Shotwell),
San Francisco, CA



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